The Grand Uncertainties Matrix (the “GUM”) is a collection of the uncertainties, questions, and unknowns that hamper or impede recovery planning and implementation, and therefore overall ecosystem recovery. The need to organize and resolve these uncertainties in an intentional and systematic way is the reason the GUM was developed. The GUM serves as the primary repository for the National Estuary Program to organize, scope, prioritize, and resolve uncertainties for the recovery of Puget Sound. The primary source of individual uncertainties in the GUM are the Puget Sound Implementation Strategies. The GUM was conceived of and is managed by the University of Washington Puget Sound Institute. 

--Source: Puget Sound Institute.

Photo: Isaiah van Hunen. Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0); https://www.flickr.com/photos/isaiah115/7301506118


Puget Sound's Grand Uncertainties Matrix

Researchers are compiling a strategic list of scientific uncertainties related to Puget Sound recovery. The list will be used to prioritize future funding and research to address critical knowledge gaps about the ecosystem.


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Priority science to support Puget Sound recovery: A Science work plan for 2020-2024

Priority Science to Support Recovery of the Puget Sound Ecosystem: A Science Work Plan for 2020-2024 (SWP for 2020-2024) describes the information, learning, and interaction needed to support the coordinated efforts to recover, protect, and improve the resilience of the Puget Sound ecosystem.