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The invertebrate list comprises taxa found in the intertidal zone in Puget Sound that are either identified from the field (macroscopic, surface-dwelling animals) or from sediment samples returned to the lab. Field-identified organisms are limited in their taxonomic detail, and thus some are identified only to phylum (e.g. Nemertea, Bryozoa) or to family (e.g. some Majid crabs). Most of the taxonomic names follow Kozloff's keys to the invertebrates, and many of these need updating. The list includes species from all intertidal habitats (mud, sand, cobble, rock) but is certainly not exhaustive, especially for sparse organisms (e.g., nudibranchs, some seastars). Fishes are not included.

This list is courtesy of Megan Dethier at the Friday Harbor Laboratories.

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