Orcinus orca

Killer Whale

Flickr photo 'Orca' by: brian.gratwicke.Flickr photo 'Orca' by: brian.gratwicke.Flickr photo 'Female trio' by: gailhampshire.Flickr photo 'Tail fluke' by: gailhampshire.Flickr photo ''Spyhop'' by: gailhampshire.Flickr photo 'Orca Pod' by: Jay Iwasaki.Flickr photo 'Whale and man' by: Michael Jefferies.
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Species group: Mammals

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Killer whales, also known as "Orcas," are probably one of the most well known of the cetaceans.  The killer whale belongs to the Delphinidae family (making it the largest dolphin), but due to its size over 30 ft. it is also considered a whale. The killer whales are found in all oceans. These whales can adapt to almost any conditions, and appear to be at home in both open seas and coastal waters. Orcas are toothed whales, related to sperm and pilot whales, and are apex predators vulnerable only to large sharks. They have the most varied diet of all cetaceans, and can tackle prey of all shapes and sizes. They often use a coordinated hunting strategy, working as a team like a pack of wolves.

—Source: NOAA Fisheries

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