Well-being indicators in the Puget Sound Basin

A summary and categorization of types of social indicators and metrics used by government and non-government agencies in the Puget Sound Basin.

Report summary

Submitted by Adi Hanein and Kelly Biedenweg, Puget Sound Institute:

The Puget Sound Institute, in collaboration with the Hood Canal Coordinating Council, is exploring methods and metrics to incorporate social data into their Integrated Watershed Management Plan. As a first step to this endeavor, we sought to define the types of indicators currently in use by compiling data from existing efforts across several fields of practice. This report summarizes the intentions to measure social indicators associated with human well-being and governance within government and non-governmental organizations in the Puget Sound. The first layer of data collection looked specifically at the intention to measure social indicators. Further coding categorized the identified indicators into Domains (community, health, economic), Components for each domain, Attributes, and Identified Metrics (Indicators). The last two categories did not always exist for each identified component. This report is accompanied by excel spreadsheets providing the raw data and coded data for each metric. We hope that this data will be useful when brainstorming potential social indicators for management plans, identifying sources for data, and promoting opportunities for collaboration across social sectors in the Puget Sound Basin.

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