Download EoPS ringtones

Puget Sound is calling: EoPS now has custom ringtones. Add the sounds of Puget Sound-area species like the Rhinoceros Auklet or Pacific Chorus Frog to your phone today.

Our ringtones feature several Puget Sound species and are available for download below. The ringtones are available for use in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License; Audio recordings were made by Jeff Rice for the Encyclopedia of Puget Sound in cooperation with the Western Soundscape Archive and the Acoustic Atlas. We will add more ringtones to the site periodically.

Ringtone playlist on SoundCloud

About the Author: 
The Encyclopedia of Puget Sound is published by the University of Washington’s Puget Sound Institute and represents the collective knowledge of leading experts from state and federal agencies, academic institutions and Puget Sound area tribes. It is intended as a primary source for synthesized and integrated scientific information on the Puget Sound and greater Salish Sea watersheds.